Welcome to our Online Work Experience Programme

The newly created work experience programme learning zone from Halliday Fraser Munro.

Getting Started

We have developed this new educational space to make our work experience programme available to students who are interested in architecture and design and would like to explore what this exciting industry is all about.

Our work experience programme would normally be undertaken by secondary school pupils within one of our UK based offices over the course of a week but now due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken our work experience programme and evolved this into 2 tasks which can be completed at home with no time restrictions.

We hope at the end of completing these tasks you will have further developed your interest in architecture and will have learnt skills and understanding in spatial modelling and interpreting a client brief.

What You Will Need

A good imagination

A magnificent imagination

A keen eye for detail

A keen eye for detail

A keen eye for detail

Paper, pens and pencils

A keen eye for detail

A laptop or computer


We understand that filling your time (or your children’s time) may have become trickier in recent weeks. Because of this we are running a competition on top of our new work experience programme which is open to children of all ages!

Show off your design skills!

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